sex benefits

Benefits of sex

Eight Sex healthy benefits you never know


Due to sex some changes develop in you immune system and your body produces more antibodies against infections and diseases. Having sex once in a week improves you immunity against viral infections.

Self esteem

Sex boosts your self-esteem and confidence. After sex you feel more confident about your life stand and feel better about your independence. Sex makes a nice healthy union between partners. Having sex stimulates your mind so you feel less scared about your life problems. Sexual relations between life partners make their relation stronger, healthier and make their life more pleasurable.

Stronger heart

With your increasing age your frequency to having sex should be improved due to health reasons. Research proves that having sex in routine (at least two times in a week) 50% decreased the risk of heart attack.


By having sex in your routine, stamina of your body should be improves. During sex it can be an asset. For increasing in sex endurance you should have more sex. It’s like cardiorespiratory exercise because during sex your muscles use more oxygen and your heart become stronger and adopts to be able to pump more oxygen for body.

Ways to relieve stress

Due to having sex regularly your blood pressure level is maintained and you not suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). Sex releases you from stress and lowers your blood pressure. Also in some people blood pressure drops even as a result of just kissing and hugging with their partners.

Sleep well

After having sex you sleep better then without having it. Also you feel more active and alert in all the day time. You all know for yourself how well you sleep after having sex. Research proves that people having sex in routine don’t feel difficulties in sleeping

Calories burned

Many of us prefer rocking than walking due to burning calories. It is also the best and pleasurable way to lose your fat. For sometimes maybe it’s not very helpful in the sense of body workout but for a person who having sex actually perform full body workout and no exercises can make you use full body muscles at the same time like this. Last longing for half an hour equals to burning almost 100 calories.

Pain relief

Having sex makes so many changes in your body, producing endorphins is one of them. Due to endorphins you feel better and more relaxing because endorphins are work very effectively in reducing pain and headache. Also sex is nice antidote for headache and temporary minor pains.

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