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Treatment for melanoma

Melanoma is a skin cancer and it is as serious as other types of cancer. These is some different ways to treat Melanoma but the type of treatment your doctor recommends or suggest you will depends on the stage and location of the melanoma and patients physical health.

Melanoma treatments


In treatments for Melanoma surgery should be preferred in most cases. It is the way to remove the part affected by cancer cells.

Surgeries types used for melanoma:

Simple execution surgery

Simple execution surgery for melanoma is a Surgery in early stage to cure it. In early stage when melanomas have not grown deeper than the epidermis can easily be treated by surgery. In this stage surgery margin (normal skin cut out in surgery) is about a half cm of uninfected skin around it. The simple execution surgery wound is closed by stitching and it leaves a little scar of surgery.

Wide execution surgery

After early age when melanoma is confirmed by biopsy, it is treated by wide excision. In wide execution surgery skin infected by melanoma removed with a marginal of normal skin. In wide execution margin depends on the thickness of the melanoma infected skin. On one mm or less thickness of melanoma recommended marginal will be 1 cm at least for wide execution. And on two mm thickness of melanoma recommended marginal will be 2 cm. Wider margins of wide execution surgery make healing more difficult for patient and also leaves a prominent scar of surgery. Due to result of surgery wide execution have not been found to help patients live longer happily with it. However this surgery is standard treatment for melanoma second stage.

Lymph node dissection

In lymph node dissection the lymph nodes in that area are surgically removed. Many doctors recommend sentinel lymph node biopsy and If the melanoma may have possibility to spread  to sentinel lymph nodes near the melanoma, then a lymph node dissection recommended from doctors to remove lymph nodes in that area.

In case when melanoma reached lymph nodes and caused cancer already, lymph node dissection is required first to clear lymph nodes and then wide excision is performed.

Other treatments:


Chemotherapy is a treatment in which we use anticancer drugs and medications to stop cancer cells to spread. It’s very effective some times, that’s why it used very commonly some times for serious stages and also for melanoma. Chemotherapy is also a second option for lower stages of melanoma after surgery. However in case of melanoma affects some sensitive areas on patients face; doctors sometimes may recommends a creams containing the anticancer drugs.

Radiation therapy

It is also a very common treatment for melanoma but doctor only recommends it when surgery is very complicated or not possible in case. This therapy basically relives the symptoms of melanoma to make surgery possible and it’s not a complete cure. Radiation therapy use x-rays and some other form of energy to stop cancer cells to spread. In melanoma it has been recommends only for advance cases.

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